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July 31, 2019
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  • Overcoming cancer pain

    This information booklet from Cancer Council gives an overview of cancer pain. It also provides some helpful tools to measure and describe pain, as well as some strategies around pain management. Common questions about cancer pain include: What is pain? Does everyone with cancer have pain? What causes cancer pain? What types of pain are there? What affects pain? How is cancer pain treated? When can I use pain relief? Is palliative care the same as pain management? Who helps manage my pain? “As well as the cause of the pain itself, your emotions, environment and fatigue levels can affect […]

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  • Lymphoma Australia resources, hotlines and more

    Lymphoma Australia is the only national charity dedicated to Lymphoma. Lymphoma Australia’s resources include: a factsheet on all you need to know about hodgkin lymphoma and the different subtypes. It explains the cancer, how it is diagnosed, the treatment involved, supports available and treatments under investigation. It is available to download and print from Lymphoma Australia website. a resource booklet for anyone with a new diagnosis of lymphoma including all information you need to know about this cancer, the lymphatic system, how it is diagnosed, different treatments, supports available and clinical trials. It is available to order online, download or print through […]

  • “I draw childhood cancer” – Cartoons by Angus

    I Draw Childhood Cancer is a Facebook page by talented artist Angus Olsen. His daughter Jane was diagnosed with Embryonic Rhabdomyosarcoma at 3 years old. Ever since he has created various works communicating the experience of having a child with cancer. He also draws other children from all across the world in ways that show their strength and beauty. On his Facebook page he writes: In 2016 our 2yo daughter was diagnosed with RMS cancer. In the nightmare I drew and it helped me. Now I draw childhood cancer and it somehow helps others. Cancer Advisor has a range of personal […]

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