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Cancer Advisor
June 4, 2019

Cancer Advisor – for children, teenagers, young adults and the people who care for them

Finding out that a child, teenager or young adult has cancer can be a frightening, isolating and overwhelming experience. For many, the journey starts with seeking information. Cancer Advisor is a one-stop online platform where young people and families can find answers to questions, and connect with others who have been there before.

This innovative not-for- profit website is funded and moderated by Redkite, an Australian charity that has been supporting children and young people with cancer (0-24 years) and their families, for over 30 years. It has been developed in response to families’ needs and feedback.

Cancer Advisor gathers information about specific types of cancer and treatment options from leading global medical organisations. Our team consults with Australian health professionals to provide reliable information about support avenues.

However, we recognise that nothing compares to having lived this experience. So it’s critical to us that young people and their families are able to share the resources and information that helped them when they were looking for answers.

For information on child safety, please read our child safety commitment.

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You’ll get the most out of this information hub if you register first. That way you can comment, give a ‘thumbs up’ to material you like, and submit your own content. Best of all, you’ll receive information tailored to your specific needs and preferences such as your particular cancer type and age group. And you’ll receive regular notifications when fresh content, relevant to you, has been added.

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Your help is invaluable

You’re looking at the beta version of this website. Meaning it’s the first version of Cancer Advisor we’ve released to the public. While we’ve done a lot of hard work, we’re still in a ‘test and learn’ stage to make things better. So please let us know about mistakes, bugs, broken links, as well as ideas for improvements or new features by submitting a Feedback Form. We want to hear from you and you can even contact us anonymously if you wish!  .

If you’ve been affected by childhood or youth cancer, we would love you to share your insights and knowledge. If you’re a health professional who works in the cancer sector, you can help others by directing them to Cancer Advisor for information that is credible and trustworthy. To contribute content, please register or login. Or you can get in touch at info@canceradvisor.org.au.

Together we can make it easier for families facing cancer to find the information they’re looking for.


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