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June 28, 2018

Have a question that hasn’t been answered in our FAQs? Found a broken link? Some articles that seem to be in completely the wrong place? Maybe you’ve just watched a video that’s seriously out of date. Or, you just think Cancer Advisor is great and you want to let us know. No matter how big or small, your feedback is critical in helping us continuously improve Cancer Advisor.

If you’ve got suggestions for us or would just like to contact us for more information about something, we’d love to hear from you. You can provide feedback anonymously if you’d like, or put your name and email address so we can follow up with you if necessary.

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I like the way it brings together lots of resourcesI like the way the topics are organisedI like the personal storiesI like the designI like everything about the site

When I search, the wrong resources come upThe resources could be betterThis site isn't telling me anything I don't already knowThere's not enough adviceI can't find what I'm looking for easilyThe design/layout could be better

Idea for developmentBroken linkSomething doesn’t seem like it’s working properly - I think it might be an errorAccessibilityInappropriate contentQuestion that is not answered in Cancer Advisor FAQs


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