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July 31, 2019
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During treatment
  • Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Friends – Your support is invaluable

    Some parents have suggested that rather than just saying ‘If there’s anything I can do, let me know’, it’s more useful to think about what would truly be helpful and do it. Some great ideas include: cooking meals that can be frozen and bringing them to the hospital or home so a healthy meal is always available offering to spend time with the child so both parents can go out together and have a break doing laundry during hospital stays helping with home and garden upkeep while the family are away in hospital accompanying parents on clinic days as they […]

  • Making your hospital stay more comfortable

    Having to stay in hospital can bring about different challenges. Parents have shared some tips to help you feel more comfortable and to seek support you might need. ‘Make yourself as comfortable as possible in the room. We had our own doona, pillow etc in the end and in hindsight, we should have bought it in much earlier.’ ‘If your child is under five, ask to speak with an occupational therapist regarding a central line protective vest. They help protect the central line from exposure to infection as well as deterring your child from pulling it out and damaging it.’ […]

  • Advocating for your child – What other parents say

    Being an advocate for your child can be a hard role to navigate. Some parents have shared their experiences with being their child’s advocate and why it’s so important: ‘You are your child’s advocate. Although you may initially feel you don’t want to be “that annoying parent”, sometimes you need to be. It’s often more important to speak up when you feel something is not right, and speak up again and again if you’re not heard the first, second, third time.’ ‘You need to be an advocate for your child at all times in the hospital. If it doesn’t feel […]

  • Tips to help your child on treatment

    It can be hard to support your child while they are receiving treatment and they may be scared or overwhelmed. Some parents have shared their tips to help you support your child when they are receiving treatment: ‘Seek out play therapists, comfort first technicians. Do what you can to find “better”, less traumatic ways for your child to have procedures.’ ‘During chemo or after chemo bring a special soft toy or blanket that your child is familiar with.’ ‘Use distraction techniques when accessing port i.e. using the iPad, reading etc.’ ‘Make admissions seem as everyday as possible to help reduce […]

  • Simple tips to stay organised while on treatment

    Parents have shared some practical tips to help you stay organised while your child is on treatment: ‘Always keep a bag packed and ready for both you and your child for unexpected hospital stays. A couple of changes of clothes, basic toiletries, snacks, a water bottle and a phone charger are all essential items when you are stuck in emergency and waiting for a bed on the ward. Also for parents, it’s handy to keep a spare pillow and blanket in the car too as emergency can have very limited resources on offer for parents.’ ‘Have a list of therapists/clinicians for the […]

  • Synovial sarcoma at 16 — CC’s story

    Redkite and have created a video interview with 19-year-old Charisse aka CC who was diagnosed with a rare form of tissue cancer called synovial sarcoma at 16. In the video she says “I was like an average 16 year old and like nothing better than hanging out with my friends. I was in Year 11 at school and especially enjoyed subjects such as maths and performance.” During the film, CC tells us that synovial sarcoma is a rare form of soft tissue sarcoma and is common in adolescents. It can also be misdiagnosed as a growing pains. Throughout the […]

  • Chemotherapy for medulloblastoma — Brent’s story

    Redkite and have created a video interview with Brent who has just started chemotherapy after having radiotherapy and surgery for medulloblastoma. Brent talks about his home town Cunnamulla, how he was diagnosed with cancer after experiencing headaches, his stem cell transplant and how life is back home being a sheep shearer. Brent is having treatment 12 hours drive from his hometown. He had 32 sessions of radiotherapy, before starting chemotherapy. “My symptoms were that I was getting real massive headaches.” He said he saw the doctor who gave him medication for a chest infection, but he got sick that […]

  • How music therapy helped a family during cancer

    Nick will never forget the day his four-year-old daughter Emily was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. “It was 8.00pm on Monday 16 March, 2009 and the start of our family’s nightmare,” he says. “Our family was falling apart and we quickly realised these dedicated social workers would help us stand tall for our daughter.” Within days of her diagnosis, Emily had two major operations to remove a 5 cm tumour from her brain. While in hospital, Nick and his family received a Red Bag from Redkite, a support pack containing information, toiletries and other practical items to help during the initial […]


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