• Our Cancer Journey: Team Bella – Never give up!

    In March of 2014, our family was thrown onto the oncology roller coaster when Bella (aged four), was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (high risk). She would complete two and half years of chemotherapy bringing her into remission. Unfortunately, Bella relapsed in March 2017, eight months post treatment.     Bella would endure another eight months of intense treatment (including more intense chemotherapy followed by two bone marrow transplants). During her treatment, as her mum, carer and advocate, I decided to document her arduous journey. To provide awareness about childhood cancer and in doing so, provide hope, comfort and inspiration Read more [...]

  • Weightlifting at nine year’s old – Ryan’s story

    OnUS blog 2Surviveonline a cancer survivor called Ryan discusses how weightlifting at nine year’s old helped him through cancer. He says, “When I was a kid, I was extremely small from cancer treatment. Chemotherapy made it where I could not really eat so well (shocker). Then there was that whole puking thing that I’m sure many of you survivors know about. But enough of the whining.” Ryan’s grandfather said he would give him a dollar for every pound he put on. Go to his blog to find out more. Cancer Advisor has a range of personal stories, but we’re always looking Read more [...]

  • Siblings You Matter! – a short documentary

    Hi, My name is Genevieve Stonebridge, and I am a clinical counsellor in Victoria, BC, Canada. I created this short video ‘You Matter’ from a research study I did on the experience of undiagnosed siblings who had a brother or sister with cancer. If you want to know why I created this video and my personal connection to cancer, please read more below. If you want to just skip to learning some ways you can help support siblings then please press play!   Why I made this video: When I was 18 I was diagnosed with and treated for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (that Read more [...]

  • Cancer dads: you’re not alone

    Cancer Dads: You’re Not Alone is a personal story written by Matt Kabel on the St Baldrick’s Foundation website. Earlier this year, Matt wrote about what it’s really like to be a father of a child with cancer. “The post took off and was shared on social media more than anything I had ever written before,” Matt said. The response moved him to start a private Facebook page that is an online support group called Childhood Cancer Dads Support Group. Matt shares what he’s learned since then, with photos submitted by dads in his group. “Every dad who applies is personally vetted prior to being Read more [...]

  • Rhabdoid tumour at 5 months old – Kirsty’s story

    At 5 months old,  Mason was sent to the Emergency Department for stomach pains. Two days later, the hospital began surgery to remove a tumour and his right kidney. Five days later Mason was diagnosed with rhabdoid tumour, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. On the Cancer Council website, Mason’s Kirsty talks about her baby’s cancer diagnosis, life-saving surgery, 30 weeks of chemotherapy, radiation and being five years cancer-free. Cancer Advisor has a range of personal stories, but we’re always looking for more content. Leave a comment below, share your own story or recommend a resource.

  • The finish line after leukaemia treatment

    My daughter Ruby recently completed her two years of treatment for Leukaemia. This story, that was published on Mamamia, offers some top tips from Ruby about what she has learned (she is only 6) and what I, as a cancer mum, have discovered. My advice for any mum in the same position Allow yourself to feel. If you feel sad, then cry. If you are angry, then scream. If you are happy, then laugh. Don’t pretend you are okay when you are not. Don’t be too proud to ask for help. We all need help sometimes, and there are so many people Read more [...]

  • Adry’s story – a letter to my 17-year-old self

    In 2013, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that required immediate surgery and multiple cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. At the time I was 17 years old, in my final year of high school and was excited to reap the rewards of my hard work from all my years at school. Being diagnosed with cancer changed all that – it made me feel like my world had fallen apart. Now, at 22 years of age and having been in remission for nearly five years, I am able to look back at my cancer journey and realise that Read more [...]

  • What’s behind the mask of a Cancer Dad?

    What’s behind the mask of a Cancer Dad? is a collection of short quotes from anonymous fathers who have a child with cancer. The quotes were collected by author Mark Meyers whose youngest daughter died of Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2015.  Each quote begins with I think you should know that … Examples of quotes include: I think you should know that on some level I feel like this is my fault. I think you should know that I would have died for my baby but wasn’t given the option. I think you should know that not only did I wonder “Why my Read more [...]

  • Hearts for Eva – Sharleigh’s story

    ABC online has published a 6-min documentary and personal story by bereaved mother Sharleigh Stevenson about her daughter Eva. This touching video also features comments by Gerald Purchase, a clinical psychologist as well as footage and interviews with Eva herself. At four-years-old Eva was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma. Sharleigh was told there was no cure. They lived in Victorian regional town called Sunraysia. A local man called John Burfitt held a fundraiser called “Hearts for Eva” to raise money for Eva’s cancer treatment. Hearts for Eva became a global phenomenon. Cancer Advisor has a range of resources on end of life, but we’re Read more [...]

  • 8 resources for when your child goes back to school after treatment

    If your child has finished their cancer treatment, you might be wondering how they will transition back into full time study. Your child may be looking forward to the social aspect of school … although, they may be nervous too.  Perhaps you’re keen for a new sense of routine, and school seems like a good way to add some structure post-treatment.  You might also be wondering what information or support your child’s teacher will need. Here are some helpful resources if your child is about to start back at school, or just needs some extra support adjusting. 1  A teacher’s Read more [...]

  • Tips for telling a kid they have cancer

    A paediatric cancer specialist shares their tips for telling a kid they have cancer. For more information, Cancer Advisor has a range of resources on diagnosis. Before you go … If you’ve been affected by childhood or young adult cancer, please share your insights and knowledge to help other people facing cancer. Join the Cancer Advisor community and register now.

  • Cancer Council NSW online community

    Cancer Council has a NSW online community for people affected by cancer with forums covering diagnosis, living well and information for friends, family and carers.  Before you go … If you’ve been affected by childhood or young adult cancer, please share your insights and knowledge to help other people facing cancer. Join the Cancer Advisor community and register now.

  • The Value of Community During Cancer

    Below is a blog post on The Value of Community During Cancer. This article first appeared on www.YouCan.org and was contributed by Anastasia who lost her sister to cancer. Chrisy is my dear sister who was diagnosed at the age of 17 in 2010 with rhabdomyosarcoma (a very very rare type of cancer). At the time of her diagnosis she was in year 12 and I was in year 10. As we were both young, it was very hard to comprehend what cancer is and how fast it could ruin the human body. Slowly we started to learn everything from the moment Read more [...]

  • Dads open up about their child’s cancer treatment

    Professional British footballer and children’s writer Frank Lampard visits a CLIC Sargent Home from Home in the UK to meet with some of the dads who have a child with cancer.   These raw and powerful personal stories offer an eye-opening insight to some of the ways fathers have coped with their child’s cancer diagnosis. Cancer Advisor has a range of resources for dads whose children have cancer. Or, if you have any questions that need answering, please let us know on our Feedback and Contact form. We want to help you find what you’re looking for. Before you go We’d love Read more [...]

  • Tumour Has It – Beth’s blog about soft tissue sarcoma

    Tumour Has It is a blog by 21-year-old cancer patient, Beth. The university student was diagnosed with a malignant peripheral neural sheath tumour (MPNST), a rare form of soft tissue sarcoma. She writes about her experience as a young woman dealing with cancer diagnosis and treatment. Before you go … If you’ve been affected by childhood or young adult cancer, Cancer Advisor would love you to share your insights and knowledge on the site. Your story could help other people facing cancer, and make them feel less alone. Join the Cancer Advisor community and register now.

  • Marley Brown

    Kerrin noticed changes in her son Marley when he was just 14 months old; one month later, Marley was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Here, Kerrin shares the individuals who shaped their story and what life is like for Marley now he has finished treatment.