Battle Weapons: A coping guide for young people with cancer

Hi, my name is Nell and I’m the author of Battle Weapons: A coping guide for young people with cancer.

I’m also a nurse and a cancer survivor. In high school, when we started the discussion about our future, my career advisor suggested nursing. This really appealed to me; to serve and support people at their most vulnerable is a great honour and privilege.

Nursing is very diverse and I wasn’t sure for a long time where I wanted to take it, until I was diagnosed with cancer. I know my life’s purpose is to help those with cancer, particularly young people.

I was enjoying an independent life, working full time in Sydney as a registered nurse, when I was diagnosed with non-hodgkin lymphoma in 2013. I was 25 years old.

An assessment I did for my post-graduate course was an essay about caring for a vulnerable population in the context of cancer. I chose to focus on adolescents and young adults. This assessment, along with my own experience with cancer, inspired me to create Battle Weaponsa guide filled with the information I have discovered and used along my cancer journey.

I hope Battle Weapons makes a difference in some small way.

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Adry Awan

Hi, Nell. Thanks so much for sharing this great resource. I wish I had a resource like Battle Weapons when I was going through treatment! It’s so rich in content, thorough and considerate. I love how the booklet breaks down all of the factors to consider during a cancer journey and also links external resources and support services (and as a passionate mental health advocate, really love how the section on mental health was first up!) Thanks again for sharing, all the best. Adry

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