Jordan’s story: living with optic nerve glioma

  • jordan has made two videos about teenager Jordan who has optic nerve glioma, a brain tumour. He was diagnosed with optic nerve glioma and has gone through different chemotherapy regimes.

On the website it says: “In 2008, Jordan was given a 3% chance of survival after he slipped into a coma after Jordan suffered a stroke. Jordan had to learn how to walk again and took weeks until he could speak. In 2009, Jordan was given an MRI which found a tumour – Optic Nerve Glioma and Jordan has since gone through different chemotherapy regimes but is now on a new trial. In this film we meet The Carroll family, Jordan’s Mum, Dad, brother Mitchell and Jordan himself. The Carrolls all share their memories of Jordan’s illness and how it’s impacted them.”

“Jordan is back!  We catch up with Jordan in hospital who is having his 16th transfusion and see the preparations for Jordan’s upcoming radiotherapy. Jordan also speaks about how he and his parents recently moved house to Brisbane which has gave Jordan more opportunity to take part in new sports including Blind Soccer. We get to meet Jordan’s new best friend, a seeing eye dog called Ecca, Jordan explains how much his new dog will be able to help him and even though it’s early days it’s clear to see what a huge bond they both have.”

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