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  • Burkitt’s lymphoma: Key links

    According to Cancer Australia, Burkitt’s lymphoma is a type of non-hodgkin lymphoma. It develops from B cells and often starts as a tumour in the abdomen. It can spread quickly to other parts of the body. General information  Burkitt’s lymphoma – Lymphoma Australia: Brief overview of what Burkitt’s lymphoma is and how it is treated. Burkitt’s lymphoma – Leukaemia Foundation: Information on what Burkitt’s lymphoma is, incidence and treatment. Non-hodgkin lymphoma – Child – Rare Cancers Australia: Detailed information about types of non-hodgkin lymphoma including diagnosis and treatment.  Podcasts  Hodgkin and non-hodgkin lymphoma – Dr Geoff McCowage: Podcast on different […]

  • Non-hodgkin lymphoma: Key links

    According to Cancer Australia, non-hodgkin lymphoma occurs when certain types of white blood cells called lymphocytes grow in an uncontrolled way. There are three main types: lymphoblastic lymphoma, Burkitt lymphoma and large cell lymphoma. It occurs more often in older children than in younger children. General information Non-hodgkin lymphoma – The Leukaemia Foundation: Information about what non-hodgkin lymphoma is, its sub types and occurrence. Childhood non-hodgkin lymphoma treatment (PDQ®) – Patient version – National Cancer Institute: Information about the types of non-hodgkin lymphoma, diagnosis and staging. Non-hodgkin lymphoma – CanTeen: Information on possible causes, symptoms and diagnosis.        Podcasts  Hodgkin and […]

  • Hodgkin lymphoma: Key links

    According to Cancer Australia, Hodgkin lymphoma, also known as Hodgkin disease, occurs when certain types of white blood cells called lymphocytes grow in an uncontrolled way. CanTeen explains that Hodgkin lymphoma can occur at any age but is more common in people in their 20s. General information Hodgkin lymphoma – Cancer Research UK: Information on what Hodgkin lymphoma is, diagnosis, treatment and survival. Hodgkin lymphoma – The Leukaemia Foundation: Information about what Hodgkin lymphoma is, its sub types and occurrence. Hodgkin lymphoma – A guide for patients and families ­– The Leukaemia Foundation: Information booklet covering topics including symptoms, treatment, […]

  • Lymphoma Australia resources, hotlines and more

    Lymphoma Australia is the only national charity dedicated to Lymphoma. Lymphoma Australia’s resources include: a factsheet on all you need to know about hodgkin lymphoma and the different subtypes. It explains the cancer, how it is diagnosed, the treatment involved, supports available and treatments under investigation. It is available to download and print from Lymphoma Australia website. a resource booklet for anyone with a new diagnosis of lymphoma including all information you need to know about this cancer, the lymphatic system, how it is diagnosed, different treatments, supports available and clinical trials. It is available to order online, download or print through […]

  • Finding hope during childhood cancer – Nancy’s story

    Not ‘just’ a moment is a heartfelt and poetic piece written by Nancy Hamner about finding hope, published on the US website 2Surviveonline. Nancy is a mother whose son Ryan was first diagnosed with cancer at aged six. He has survived four occurrences of hodgkin lymphoma during his childhood. In her personal story she offers up pieces of wisdom such as:  Life is not always what it appears; it is possibly never what it looks like. [H]is doctor has given us a plan, and with that is bestowed the option of hope—a place we choose to live. May you see joy and […]

  • “TJ’s Cancer Journey” – A mum’s blog about her teenager

    TJ’s Cancer Journey is a blog about my 15-year-old son who was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma at the age of 14. I am documenting my son’s journey with cancer so that one day he can look back at it and remember everything he went through during this difficult time. Hopefully our experiences will be able to help others who are going through similar. It is a journal of his cancer experience so far and includes: how he felt when he was diagnosed; how cancer has affected him and those around him; what treatment he is receiving; what tests he has completed; […]

  • Introduction to understanding lymphoma

    Introduction to understanding lymphoma is a three-part video series developed by the Leukaemia Foundation with information and support for individuals diagnosed with lymphoma. Part One Lymphoma: what lymphoma is, diagnosis and treatment is 22-minutes long and features haematologist and clinician researcher, Dr Kylie Mason.   Part Two Lymphoma: living well after a lymphoma diagnosis is 11-minutes long and features haematology advanced practice nurse, Priscilla Gates.   Part Three Lymphoma: personal accounts from people living with lymphoma is 22-minutes long.   Cancer Advisor has a range of resources on lymphoma, but we’re always looking for more content. Leave a comment below, share your own story or recommend a resource.

  • Cancer Australia: Hodgkin lymphoma in children

    Cancer Australia gives an overview of Hodgkin disease (Hodgkin lymphoma) including: risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, support, chance of cure, and clinical trials. Before you go … If you’ve been affected by childhood or young adult cancer, please share your insights and knowledge to help other people facing cancer. Join the Cancer Advisor community and register now.

  • Cancer Australia: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

    Cancer Australia gives an overview of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. It includes: risk factors symptoms treatment support chance of cure clinical trials Before you go … If you’ve been affected by childhood or young adult cancer, Cancer Advisor would love you to share your insights and knowledge on the site. Your story could help other people facing cancer, and make them feel less alone. Join the Cancer Advisor community and register now.

  • Ellie Douglas – Cancer Q&A

    Ellie was 17 when she was diagnosed with hodgkin lymphoma 2a. In her first YouTube video, she answers some questions about her diagnosis and treatment and how she is feeling. In particular, she talks about losing her hair. This happened within 15 days of her first chemotherapy treatment, and Ellie expresses that she actually felt relieved. The uncertainty about when it would happen, how much hair she would lose, whether she would lose it all at once; these questions made her feel anxious, so she was relieved when it finally happened.   When a subscriber asked her how to help […]