Cervical cancer

Information about cervical cancer including the different types and their treatment, from Cancer Research UK.

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  • Ovarian cancer diagnosis – Laura’s story

    Finding Cyril – The Musings of a Young Woman with Ovarian Cancer is a blog by 27-year-old Laura. Laura is a primary school teacher living in London who was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Psst … before you go If you haven’t already make sure to register. That way you can comment, give a ‘thumbs up’ to material you like, and submit your own content. Best of all, you’ll receive information tailored to your specific needs and preferences such as particular cancer type and age group. And you’ll receive regular notifications when fresh content, relevant to you, has been added. Join […]

  • Cervical cancer & HPV factsheet, information & support

    This summary from CanTeen provides an overview of cervical cancer and HPV (human papillomavirus). Keep in mind that HPV affects both men and women. This factsheet includes topics such as: symptoms diagnosis support, and treatment Further reading The much-respected Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Victoria has put together and overview on cervical cancer that covers areas such as the different types of cervical cancer, tests for diagnosis, treatment, post-treatment care and living with cancer. Cancer Council has released a very detailed 84-page booklet titles Sexuality, Intimacy and Cancer for people with cancer and their partners. Psst … before you go There’s more […]


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