Ewing's sarcoma at 11 — Iain's story

Iain was diagnosed with ewing’s sarcoma in November 2007, at the age of 11. He shares his diagnosis and treatment journey for the UK’s Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Trust.

Before he was diagnosed with ewing’s sarcoma, Iain was active, sporty and enjoyed being a goal keeper. “For about a year I had a sore right thigh – after a couple of days the pain always went away and then would come back a few months later,” he says on the website. Originally the doctors thought the pain was from an injury, but eventually they sent him to a specialist.

“An x-ray showed that there was a problem and the specialist sent me for an MRI scan. I didn’t know what that was but luckily my mum had had one so could tell me what to expect. The very next day we went to Stanmore to see a really nice doctor who was an expert in dealing with these things. The specialist explained he thought I had either a nasty infection in my bone or there was a chance it was a rare tumour.”

After a biopsy was taken the doctor told Iain he had a rare tumour but Iain didn’t realise at the time that meant cancer. “He told me that he would look after me and that he would unfortunately have to make me sick in order to help me get better. He said that he would do a big operation on my leg in the middle of the treatment and that it would all take about a year. At that point I really didn’t understand how serious my illness was.”

You can read the rest of Iain’s story on the UK’s Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Trust website.

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