Nerida's story: Turning Brisbane gold for kids with cancer

The 1st of September is our D-Day anniversary, so this year I decided to channel my energy into something positive. I turned Brisbane Gold.

Brisbane City Hall, The Story Bridge and Victoria Bridge all shone gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness. This is how it happened:

Receiving a diagnosis

On the 1st September 2015 my Son Xavier was diagnosed with Stage III Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma of the bladder at just 23 months of age.

We had to move to Brisbane from Townsville for treatment and as I knew very few people here, I started a Facebook support group page for the oncology parents at LCCH called the Real Housewives of 11b. From there grew many great friendships (we went from two to 300) and the realisation that there is not much out there in regards to awareness and fundraising for kids with cancer.

Turning Brisbane gold

Now that my son is off treatment I have decided to throw my energy into raising awareness instead of grieving the date.

With the help of the Kids Cancer Project we were able to have the Brisbane City Hall lit up on the 1st of September and the Story Bridge and Victoria bridge only on the 3rd.

Kids Cancer project provided a few supplies for the vigil and I delivered some of the candles and ribbons to the kids on ward.

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