International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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September is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer Australia describes Childhood Cancer Awareness Month as “a time when cancer organisations around the world put the spotlight on children’s cancer and the need to improve diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.”

This annual event was first launched in 2010 by then American president, Barack Obama. The symbol for International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is a gold ribbon. According to Go Gold Australia: “A group of parents initiated the gold ribbon back in 1997. Now an international symbol, the gold ribbon creates global unity and represents all kids diagnosed with cancer and their families. The colour gold was chosen for kids cancer in recognition of their strength, their courage, and their resiliency.”

Landmarks from across the globe have gone gold to help spread the world about childhood cancer. This year on September 1st, the Sydney Opera House turned their sails gold to raise awareness for this important cause. Ten Daily also published a video which features interviews with children, parents and teenagers currently facing childhood.


If you’re a parent of a child with cancer or a parent of a childhood cancer survivor you may be wondering what you can do for International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. You could wear a gold ribbon as a way to start a conversation about childhood cancer. Or you could share your story with us on Cancer Advisor to give others some insight into how childhood cancer impacts families. If you want to find out more about how you can share your story email

Cancer Advisor has a range of resources on childhood cancer, but we are always looking for more content. Join our community to recommend a resource, contribute content, or share your personal story. 

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