Kids meet and interview a kid with cancer

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HiHo Kids has created a sweet and amusing video called “Kids Meet a Kid With Cancer” featuring Kira, an 8-year-old cancer survivor.

HiHo Kids is a humorous YouTube channel created in Seattle that features a series of interviews with a cast of diverse American kids. These unscripted videos are broken off into topics such as:

  • Kids Meet – the kids meet different types of people such a magician, deaf person or little person;
  • Kids Try – the kids are given various foods to sample from across the globe; and
  • Kids Describe – the kids describe things like their parents, love or a future car to an illustrator to draw.

Kira was diagnosed with leukaemia at six years old. Her Make-A-Wish was to be on Kids Try, and in September 2017 she was asked on to Kids Try: Candies from around the world. Kira was such a star that HiHo Kids invited her back to be on Kids Meet.

HiHo Kids write in their YouTube bio, “Kira was gracious enough to let some of the HiHo Kids interview her in this episode of Kids Meet. As you may have heard in our Behind the Scenes vlog about it, the audio from this shoot was compromised and we debated for a while whether we should post it or not. We finally decided that the world had to witness this amazing moment. We hope you like the video – despite bad audio.” Well, we didn’t just like the video. We loved it!

The honest and empathetic reactions of the kids to Kira is really heartwarming to see. How has your child explained their cancer experiences to their peers? Tell us in the comments.

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