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Since 1992 the Children’s Cancer Foundation has invested more than $47 million in clinical research, clinical trials, clinical care and family support. The Foundation has currently allocated research funding to clinical trials across 27 projects up until 2023.

The Children’s Cancer Foundation funds an extensive program of clinical research and clinical trials for all paediatric cancer types – these are key to developing new and kinder treatments with decreased side effects. Currently funded programs include ‘Paediatric Precision Medicine’, ‘Molecular Diagnostics’ and an ‘Immunotherapy clinical trial’.

Notable Projects

• Clinical trial to investigate the effects of light therapy on the quality of sleep, fatigue and overall quality of life of children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
• National clinical trial recruiting children with acute myeloid leukaemia across nine participating hospitals to provide access to a new drug currently unavailable to Australian children
• National clinical trial investigating stem cell transplantation and personalised medicine for paediatric and adolescent patients with high-risk malignancies.

This includes funding the positions of hospital staff involved in clinical trials staff to give children affected by cancer an opportunity to access new treatments and innovative drugs.

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