Our Cancer Journey: Team Bella – Never give up!

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In March of 2014, our family was thrown onto the oncology roller coaster when Bella (aged four), was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (high risk). She would complete two and half years of chemotherapy bringing her into remission. Unfortunately, Bella relapsed in March 2017, eight months post treatment.



Bella would endure another eight months of intense treatment (including more intense chemotherapy followed by two bone marrow transplants).

During her treatment, as her mum, carer and advocate, I decided to document her arduous journey. To provide awareness about childhood cancer and in doing so, provide hope, comfort and inspiration to other families or individuals undergoing a similar health challenge.

During our darkest days when Team Bella was tossed around like a helpless life raft storm ravaged seas, we remained focused and determined to ‘Never give up’. This became our war cry.



Today, we are happy to report that Bella has recovered and is getting on with life. We love the outdoors and never take anything for granted. If you’d like to read more about Team Bella’s journey, please visit http://teambella.org.



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