Mia's story - A zest for life

Mia’s mum shares the story of Mia’s symptoms and diagnosis of Wilm’s Tumour at age two for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

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  • Kidney or renal tumours in children

    This page from Cancer Australia gives an overview of kidney tumours. Kidney tumours may also be referred to as renal tumours. The overview includes symptoms, treatment, diagnosis and support services available. The most common type of kidney tumour in children is called Wilms tumour (also known as nephroblastoma). According to the US American Cancer Society, nine out of ten kidney cancers in children are Wilms tumours. Most are unilateral, meaning they only affect one kidney. Though a single tumour is most common, 5-10% of children with Wilms tumour may have more than one tumour in the same kidney. Only 5% of […]


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