Monkey In My Chair - Australia

We signed up for Monkey in My Chair and were so happy with the program. It is a great way for your child to stay in touch with friends at school. It is an American program, but there is an Australian chapter as well.

I recommend this to anyone whose child is out of school for a while on treatment.

The program includes:

A manual for the teachers, filled with information and resources
A story book which will help the teacher to explain the child’s illness and any special needs
A life-sized stuffed monkey that sits on the child’s chair at school, whilst they are away
A small monkey for the sick child to take to hospital
A photo album and a journal
A backpack that can be used to send pictures, letters and school work, (as well as notes from friends), to and from school
A secure, on-line site that enables the child to interact with their school and more importantly – their friends.
Other fun items

Monkey in my chair also has its own Facebook page.

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