Advocating for your child – What other parents say

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Being an advocate for your child can be a hard role to navigate. Some parents have shared their experiences with being their child’s advocate and why it’s so important:

  • ‘You are your child’s advocate. Although you may initially feel you don’t want to be “that annoying parent”, sometimes you need to be. It’s often more important to speak up when you feel something is not right, and speak up again and again if you’re not heard the first, second, third time.’
  • ‘You need to be an advocate for your child at all times in the hospital. If it doesn’t feel right for you, ask questions, get more information, ask for another opinion or see another blood collector.’
  • ‘You know your child best and your gut instinct. If you suspect something is wrong or you are not sure, follow it up.’
  • ‘Speak up and advocate hard for your child at every stage.’
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