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Rare Cancers Australia have developed the free CAN.recall app to help patients better understand their cancer diagnosis and treatment. It allows users to to store information from consultations. This makes it much easier to share with family and friends. The app has a structured mechanism which allows users to record answers that they can review at a later date. It also prompts the user with questions to ask their treating team.

“It’s designed to take some of the stress out of cancer.[Patients]are getting hit with a massive amount of information… all of this is coming at them in waves at a time when they’re under extreme stress. It’s much more important for rare cancers than common cancers because there’s so little support for them.” – Richard Vines, Director of Rare Cancers Australia

When diagnosed with cancer, patients and their families receive a lot of initial information. Much of this information uses medical terminology that patients may not understand. In addition, cancer diagnoses bring emotional distress, and often this means that the information received may not be remembered.

“You’re completely overwhelmed. You think you’ve got a hundred questions to ask but can only think of one of them. When you walk out you can’t remember a thing the doctor said to you.” – Stuart Matchett, rare cancer patient


The app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

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