Caring for a cancer survivor – Tips for coping

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Caring for a cancer survivor – Tips for coping is a factsheet from the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre and the Peter MacCullum Cancer Centre.

This four-page PDF covers topics such as:

  • Does the caring role end once treatment is over?
  • Getting back to ‘normal’
  • Common feelings
  • Learning to cope with your feelings
  • Fear of the cancer coming back
  • Coping with practical issues (work, finances and home)
  • Caring for yourself
  • Staying fit and healthy
  • Preparing for the days ahead
Caring for a cancer survivor

“Being a carer for someone with cancer can be a rewarding and special experience,” the factsheet explains. “However, it may also be tiring and challenging. There may be times when you wonder how you are going to keep on going. You don’t want to ‘break down’; you feel you need to stay strong for the person you are caring for.”

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