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US startup OnComfort is using virtual reality tools to reduce anxiety in cancer patients. Their apps have been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and even the need for pain medication. The five apps use a variety of techniques to achieve this, you can learn more via these links:

  • Aqua – an immersive experience that reduces pain and anxiety by inducing relaxation in an undersea environment
  • AMO – an experience that uses clinical hypnosis techniques to ease pain and anxiety while a patient undergoes a short invasive procedure
  • KIMO – for use in paediatrics, KIMO distracts and empowers patients by enabling them to fight cancer cells in a virtual reality setting before and during chemotherapy
  • Spacio – also for paediatrics, it induces relaxation before having an MRI or radiotherapy, by making the patient accustomed to the sounds, noises, and confinement associated with treatment
  • Stella – this application uses immersion to distract paediatric patients during short anxiety-triggering procedures such as an IV start, a port flush or a blood draw.

Of these apps, the last three are specifically designed for paediatric patients. You can learn more about the technology in this short video.

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