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The Children’s Cancer Foundation has supported children with cancer since 1992. We fund clinical research, clinical care and provide family support to ensure the highest standards of diagnosis, treatment and support for both child and family.
While our focus is largely research based, we believe that it is the little things – a child’s access to art and music therapy – that can significantly help a child on their cancer journey. We strive for better and less harmful treatments and believe that every child should laugh, dance, play and live as only a child can.

Family Connect

The Children’s Cancer Foundation Family Connect  program is a weekly complimentary morning tea at The Royal Children’s Hospital. The aim of Family Connect is to meet and connect with other families in a relaxed atmosphere.

Children are entertained each week with an interactive and creative activity, hosted by a guest presenter. Parents are welcome to join in the fun, or take the opportunity to sit back and relax with a warm beverage and locally baked treat.

Family Resource Coordinator

Salary funding for a non-medical staff member providing practical and emotional support services for children and their families across inpatients, outpatients and day oncology.

The Family Resource Coordinator facilitates discussion between staff and families, and provides day-to-day support services through play, social activities and respite.

Family Counselling

Family Counselling is a nationwide service that offers face-to-face counselling with a psychologist for children with cancer. The program includes on or off-treatment up to 5 years with the patient, parents or siblings.

The Beaded Journey

The Beaded Journey is a hospital-based therapeutic program that gives children the opportunity to tell their personal cancer story. They do this by marking key medical and non-medical events throughout their treatment with a special bead.

The Beaded Journey at the Childrens Cancer Foundation

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is hospital-based song-writing, active music making, therapeutic music lessons, improvisation, and relaxation help to improve children’s psychological adjustment to cancer treatment and promote positive coping skills.

Music therapy at Children's Cancer Foundation

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