Connecting with parents – What other parents say

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A lot of parents say that the best people to talk to are other parents who are on the same roller-coaster. Here, some parents share their insight into connecting with other parents and how valuable it can be:

  • ‘Talk and make friends with other parents. They are going through the same thing and it does help you to get through the hospital visits. You are not alone.’
  • ‘Get to know the other parents on the ward or in clinic. Only they truly know and understand what you are going through and can provide great support.’
  • ‘Seek out support groups on Facebook at your hospital and for your child’s specific cancer type so you can connect with and share information with other people who fully understand.’
  • ‘Always talk to other parents; we are all in the same boat.’
  • ‘Take time to chat to other parents. I found out a lot of things by chance just by chatting with others.’
  • ‘If a telegroup [telephone support group]is available for you to do I highly recommend do it.’
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