“It was don’t give up from the beginning” – Eden’s story

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In 2015, 10-year-old Eden was diagnosed with a rare cancer.

In this podcast and video, the Texas Children’s Cancer Center interview Eden and her family about her diagnosis, treatment plan and becoming cancer-free.

After waking up with throbbing painful bump on her leg, her family started investigating what it could be. Her parents were carrying her because she couldn’t walk. “She was continuing to decline and the pain was getting worse,” her mother explains on the video. “I moved into that mommy mode where I need to be strong for my child.”

“When we found out she was diagnosed with a family, we as a family rallied around her. It was don’t give up from the beginning,” Eden’s father says. Eden had an aggressive form of cancer where tumour had spread. It had moved from right leg to her shoulders, spine, hip, femurs and bone marrow. “Every time she had chemo we moved into the hospital as a family,” says Eden’s mother. When Eden couldn’t walk, her younger sister Maya carried her.

Eden and her sister Maya

Eden couldn’t walk for over a year. However, Eden is now in remission. “I want to be a nurse and give back to other kids,” Eden says.

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