Dog therapy – the impact on children facing cancer

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CNN has created both a video and a feature story that looks at dog therapy and its impacts children facing cancer.

This is the first American randomised clinical trial to show the benefits of animal assisted interaction on kids with cancer and their families. It shares the experiences of some of the children involved in the trial.

“The four-month study enrolled 106 children newly diagnosed with cancer, pairing 60 of them with 26 therapy dog teams at five major pediatric centers in Portland, Oregon; Sacramento, California; Tampa, Florida; Boston and Nashville,” the website explains.

“Before each 15-minute visit with a therapy dog, the children had their blood pressure and pulse taken. They then answered a battery of stress questionnaires, which were also administered to the child’s parents. Those tests were repeated after the dog’s visit. A control group of 46 children received standard pediatric cancer care without an assigned therapy dog visit.”

Head to the CNN website to learn more about this study.

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