Navigating end of life: Australian laws

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End of life law in Australia  is a guide created by Queensland University of Technology (QUT). It provides accurate, reliable information to help  people navigate end of life issues. There are sometimes that can arise with the end of life decision-making. This is a broad introduction to end of life laws in each Australian State and Territory to help you know the law, and your rights and duties, which includes sections like:


As Australia’s population rapidly ages, legal and ethical issues at the end of life are arising more frequently. Research shows the law in this area is complex and often confusing for patients, families and health professionals, and that barriers to accessible information exist. Our goal is to support the community to know, and better understand, the law at end of life, enhance patient and family participation in decision-making, and improve end of life experiences.” –  Professors Ben White and Lindy Willmott from the Australian Centre for Health Law Research

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