Finance tips from parents of kids with cancer

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Cancer Advisor asked parents to share their top financial tips for getting through their child’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. If you can add something to the list please share it in the comments below to help other families seeking advice.

Tip One – Be informed

Parent A: “Access financial services – know exactly what is available and how to access it.”

Parent B: “Seek financial advice. The loss of income is a big burden and can be very stressful.”

Cancer Advisor has over 50 different content pieces on finance including budgeting, accessing your superannuation and what Centrelink benefits you can access.

Tip Two – Find your paperwork

“Take your and your partner’s birth certificate, passport etc as you will need this when organising carers payment with Centrelink.”

Tip Three – Let your family and friends help you

Flowers are pretty and thoughtful, but it’s okay if you want to tell people specifically what you need.

“Get a Starbucks Card. People try to help with presents but instead they can put a few dollars on the Starbucks card – you always need a coffee!”

Tip Four – Save on parking

“Parking on site can be expensive. Check in with the social worker to see if there is a monthly parking pass or discount.”

For parents going to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne: “When parking, there is now a pass you can get for the machine on entry and exit rather than having to go to security every day for the discount.”

Do you have a good finance tip? Share them in the comments below to help other families


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