Advice on friendship during your cancer journey

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This article Cancer and your friends from Redkite offers some advice around friendship during your cancer journey. Often young people find telling their friends about their cancer diagnosis particularly difficult. Even without cancer, people and relationships change – you may find that certain friendships change and new ones may emerge.

Some ways to maintain friendships during this time include:

  • Try to be honest and open with them if you can and lean on them when you need to
  • Warn them you may be snappy or angry at times and ask them to forgive you if needed
  • Ask them to keep inviting you to things, even though it may be a while before you can go
  • Give them suggestions of how they can help you, like bringing in decent food to hospital, giving you films to watch, or walking your dog
  • Encourage them to ask questions, but don’t forget you choose how much you want to answer or share
  • Remember that while their issues may seem trivial to you now, to them they are real

If you want to talk to someone about coming to terms with a change in a friendship, you can contact the Redkite support team. You can also direct your friends to this page with information about how to support someone with cancer, so that they can find answers to some of their questions.

Cancer Advisor has a range of resources on friendship during cancer, but we’re always looking for more content. Leave a comment below, share your own story or recommend a resource.

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