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Gather My Crew connects people facing cancer to their community of friends and family. The online tools allows them to ask for, and receive, the practical support they actually need such as meals, transport, help with the kids and more. This can help coordinate help in tough times.

How it works

Our easy-to-use technology lets Gatherers (those coordinating the support) choose the help required from our comprehensive list and encourages Crew Members (friends, family, neighbours) to choose how they can help.

Getting started with Gather My Crew is as simple as:

 Step 1. Choose the help needed.

Step 2. Invite Crew Members to lend a hand. This can be done by the person in need – or by someone they trust.

Gather My Crew can be set up on computer, tablet or smartphone.


Listen to Founder and CEO, Dr Susan Palmer talk about how Gather My Crew works:

How it helps

Families facing cancer have many challenges, but Gather My Crew makes it possible to manage the tasks of daily life. It has the power to turn 20 bunches of flowers into meals, transport, babysitting and the practical support that is really needed. Create an account today at

When I was diagnosed with cancer, Gather My Crew really helped keep life as normal as possible for my family,” — Karen, Brisbane.

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