Having a baby after cancer treatment

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Having a baby after cancer is a 8-page factsheet by the FUTuRE Fertility Research Team. It goes over options individuals can take to enhance their fertility post-cancer treatment including:

  • Treatments affecting fertility
  • Having a baby after treatment
  • Women’s options
  • Stored eggs/embryos
  • Donor eggs/embryos
  • Conceiving naturally
  • Men’s options
  • Stored sperm
  • Donor sperm
  • Testicular sperm extraction
  • Conceiving naturally
  • Other options for having children

You may also want to look at this video from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine which talks specifically about fertility preservation for cancer patients.

Where to get further help and information

• Other fact sheets from the Future Fertility website
Fertility and Cancer by Cancer Council Australia
Fertility Society of Australia
Fertility NZ
Family planning clinics in Australia
Australia’s National Infertility Network
Surrogacy Australia
Cancer Connections
Fertile Hope

You may also like to call a Cancer Helpline service:
• Australia 13 11 20
• New Zealand call 0800 226 237

Both these helplines will allow you to speak with an experienced cancer nurse

Cancer Advisor has a range of resources on fertility, but we’re always looking for more content. Leave a comment below, share your own story or recommend a resource.

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