Help for brothers and sisters – a video for kids

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When it comes to childhood cancer, brothers and sisters of a diagnosed child have specific needs. In fact, many “well” siblings will report feeling alone, lost and neglected.

While there are various materials available that have been specifically written for parents to help address these needs, we’ve found a resource that is specifically geared to kids themselves – both the diagnosed and the well sibling!

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation in the U.S. created this fun and educational video as a way to emotionally support siblings of kids with cancer. The video is part of the Imaginary Friend Society series and was uploaded to their YouTube channel in September, 2017.

Help for Brothers and Sisters features circus-bear siblings Sir Wibling and Robearta who explain what it can be like from the perspectives of the siblings without a cancer diagnosis.

Robearta explains it as being, “all alone and feeling left out. Seriously, being the sibling of a cancer patient is like being totally forgotten; everyone is focused on your bro or sis.”

The bears then go on to say that it’s normal to feel unloved, sad or angry and to make sure to talk with parents about all these feelings. Sir Wibling also offers some ideas on what siblings can do together in hospital such as play word games, make slime, have waterballon fights, eat sandwiches, poke each other’s bellies and scrapbooking!

To end, Sir Wibling says, “Whenever possible, keep doing things that brothers and sisters do.”

What was it like for your children when one was diagnosed with cancer? How did you address these specific needs. Tell us in the comments below to help others facing childhood cancer.

Cancer Advisor has a range of resources on siblings, but we’re always looking for more content. Leave a comment below, share your own story or recommend a resource.

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