How your general practice team can support you

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This fact sheet from the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre (ACSC) offers information about involving your general practice team in your healthcare following cancer treatment. It offers some key insights and tips:

• Your GP is the cornerstone of your healthcare.
• Make a long appointment with your GP to develop an after treatment health plan.
• Your GP and GPN are well placed to help you manage the effects of cancer treatment.
• Your GP and GPN can support you to make healthy lifestyle choices.
• Lifestyle changes may help reduce the risk of cancer coming back, and help you to live better for longer.

The ACSC also has this survivorship care plan resource for cancer survivors and their carers. Survivorship care plans (SCP) are a record of your cancer and treatments and includes follow up plans for wellness, with information to help you make healthy living changes. SCPs can also be used to improve communication between you, your family, your carers, GP and oncology or haematology team.

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