Making your hospital stay more comfortable

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Having to stay in hospital can bring about different challenges. Parents have shared some tips to help you feel more comfortable and to seek support you might need.

  • ‘Make yourself as comfortable as possible in the room. We had our own doona, pillow etc in the end and in hindsight, we should have bought it in much earlier.’
  • ‘If your child is under five, ask to speak with an occupational therapist regarding a central line protective vest. They help protect the central line from exposure to infection as well as deterring your child from pulling it out and damaging it.’
  • ‘Try to alternate nights in hospital with your partner/grandparent etc.’
  • ‘Study the patient food safety and hygiene section in your information booklet.’
  • ‘Have a family dinner night at the hospital, get some takeaway or pizza.’
  • ‘Utilise the volunteers as much as possible to take a break or get some fresh air.’

What other tips do you have to stay comfortable in hospital? Share them in the comments below.

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