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When it comes to cancer treatment, oncology nurses who care for teenagers and children are an integral part to a treatment team.

Nurses can also transform a hospital experience – they can become an advocate, a teacher, a healer and in some cases, even a friend.

To celebrate paediatric and teenage oncology nurses, we’ve found some videos that highlight how nurses have impacted the lives of their patients. Watch the videos now and tell us in the comments which is your favourite.

Please note: These videos were filmed in the US and the UK. However, we’d love to share stories and videos of the great work Australian oncology nurses do, so if you know of a story featuring an Australian nurse, please share it with us.

Nicky Pettitt is the lead nurse in the teenage cancer ward at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England. She tells the Teenage Cancer Trust about what her job involves.

We also hear from Phil and Carly on how the nurses helped them through their cancer treatment.

This video was created by US channel TODAY’S TMJ4 and follows Eric Lunderskov, a cancer survivor and oncology nurse. He was diagnosed with hodgkin lymphoma at 15, but has made a full recovery.

Now he’s back in the hospital every day with a beautiful mission … to help people facing childhood cancer.

ABC News features a person of the week segment.

In this segment, four year-old Abby and Nurse Matt hold a special ceremony in the hospital while she faces leukemia.

The Today Show talks with cancer survivor Mariah Martinez who was diagnosed with leukaemia during her final year of high school. Her nurse Stacie Joniak not only helped her through her reatment, but accompanied Mariah to her prom.

Watch their heartwarming reunion, and see the sweet surprises they get!

Cancer Advisor has a range of resources on support services, but we’re always looking for more content. Leave a comment below, share your own story or recommend a resource.

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