Re-Mission 2 – a video game for kids with cancer

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Re-Mission 2 games is an online video game created by Hopelab. The game aims to give kids and young adults with cancer a sense of power and control.

The website say the games “help kids and young adults with cancer take on the fight of their lives. Based on scientific research, the games provide cancer support by giving players a sense of power and control and encouraging treatment adherence.”

All six Re-Mission 2 games can be played online for free. The Re-Mission 2: Nanobot’s Revenge mobile app is available for download on iOS.

Re-mission 2

“In 2014, Re-Mission 2: Nanobot’s Revenge, our cancer-fighting mobile app for iOS and Android, won a prestigious Parents’ Choice Gold Award and a Common Sense Media Award, receiving the highest rating for learning potential and engagement,” it says on the website. “These awards mean a great deal to Hopelab and the entire team that helped build Re-Mission 2, including medical professionals, game developers, and – most importantly – young cancer patients. We’re grateful for their input and expertise.”

Click here to find out more about this game.

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