Seeking support – What other parents say

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Asking for help can be hard. However, speaking with your social worker, friends and family may be useful in helping you find the support you need. Here, some parents share their insights into asking for and accessing support.

  • ‘Don’t be afraid to ask for help as everyone will want to do something. Get them to cook, take your other children out, do grocery shopping, run errands. You just can’t do it ALL, as much as you want to.’
  • ‘Support services are available, and often invaluable. Do not be embarrassed to use them. I always felt like they were for “someone else” and that our circumstances weren’t bad enough. Looking back now, they were there for us and we should have accepted help that was available at the time.’
  • ‘Utilise the social worker assigned to your family. They offer brilliant support, are always there to talk and listen, help you navigate the hospital administration and help you access the services available to you from Redkite.’
  • ‘Accept help when it is offered. It might be completely alien to do so but you will need help.’
  • ‘You’re going to need all the help you can get from friends and family. Don’t try to manage on your own, let them help. A stockpile of frozen meals you can heat up in the parents room is a really big help.’
  • ‘If someone offers to help in any way accept, don’t feel you have to do everything yourself.’
  • ‘There is plenty of support. You are not alone!’
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