Simple tips to stay organised while on treatment

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Parents have shared some practical tips to help you stay organised while your child is on treatment:

  • ‘Always keep a bag packed and ready for both you and your child for unexpected hospital stays. A couple of changes of clothes, basic toiletries, snacks, a water bottle and a phone charger are all essential items when you are stuck in emergency and waiting for a bed on the ward. Also for parents, it’s handy to keep a spare pillow and blanket in the car too as emergency can have very limited resources on offer for parents.’
  • ‘Have a list of therapists/clinicians for the nurses to page when you get on ward so you can check in with them each admission.’
  • ‘Have another person with you when in meetings with doctors.’
  • ‘Always have a notepad and pen handy to record questions, concerns and details of conversations.’
  • ‘Diary was most critical in particular where appointments needed to be booked in considering both parents where ever possible.’
  • ‘Always have a notepad and pen handy to record questions, concerns and details of conversations.’
  • ‘Ask for a copy of the medical protocol so you can understand the treatment plan ahead.’
  • ‘Keep a folder for all chemo related paperwork.’
  • ‘I popped reminders for medication into my phone with an alarm. This helped me remember the medication that was due at certain times of the day.’
  • ‘Write everything down. Instructions from medical staff, medications given, mouth care schedule, significant medical events from the day, etc – as it is hard to be organised and on top of everything whilst processing the diagnosis.’
  • ‘Use a whiteboard at home for scheduled care such as mouth care, or use a chalk pen on the bathroom mirror so child/carer can tick off schedule.’
  • ‘Study the treatment protocol and medicine list with a view of understanding the side effects and how to manage them.’

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