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Grandparents of Kids with Cancer is a web page which offers support for grandparents around the world, giving them a place to share their experiences with other people who have a grandchild with cancer. They advocate for the important role that grandparents play in the family, and acknowledge the emotional and practical needs of grandparents.

On the website they say, “Being told that your grandchild has cancer is devastating. Not only is your grandchild going through the most traumatic experience, but your own child is also facing the worst pain imaginable. Talking to other grandparents who are going through the same ordeal can be a life-saver. You realise you are not alone, and you are able to voice your worries and fears in a safe, closed environment.”

support for grandparents

They also have a Facebook group that offers support for grandparents. The description reads, “We are a group for grandparents whose grandchildren are, or have been, going through a battle with cancer. There are many support networks for parents, but grandparents can sometimes feel they are on the outside looking in. They feel helpless as they watch their ‘babies’ struggle to deal with their babies’ illnesses. We hope this will become a safe haven for grandparents to share their tears and laughter, and laughter is an essential part of this awful journey.”

Cancer Advisor has a range of resources for grandparents, but we are always looking for more content. Register now to contribute content, suggest a resource, or share your personal story. 

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