Tips for good communication

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Parents have shared their top tips to help you communicate with your family and your child’s treatment team.

  • ‘Learn to communicate with your partner during hospital visits when the other parent is not there. Communication is  extremely important’
  • ‘Be honest with your child at their age level. Answer their questions honestly’
  • ‘Don’t be worried about asking too many questions because the medical staff know what is happening and what is to be expected, but unless you ask, no question is too big or too small’
  • ‘Talk with your partner and make time for each other. The kind of stress this puts on relationships is enormous.’
  • ‘Don’t think too far ahead. Digest the information provided and if you don’t understand, ask questions’
  • ‘Talk as much as possible to the social worker as they know about all the financial and government support available’
  • ‘Regardless of how busy hospital staff are, take the time to explain to your child what is happening. Don’t feel pressured to work at their pace, work at your child’s pace’

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