Parents tips for self-care during childhood cancer

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Parents have shared their top tips for looking after yourself when your child has been diagnosed with cancer.

  • ‘Don’t bottle up emotions. Showers are great places to release pent up emotions.’
  • ‘Take care of yourself. It’s easy to only think of your sick child, but you must care for your own health.’
  • ‘Eat healthy along the way.’
  • ‘For Dads: Don’t be afraid to show emotion; you don’t always have to be the tough one. It will come at once if you bottle it up and that is not good for you, your child or your family.’
  • ‘Try not to bottle everything up inside as a parent. Find a mechanism to release tension, be it talking to a friend, emailing others, having a moment to yourself do you can always gather your thoughts.’
  • ‘Do not be afraid to ask friends or family for help.’
  • ‘Take time out for yourself even just 10 minutes for a coffee or short walk.’
  • ‘Pause. Just pause and breathe.’
  • ‘Find someone, as well as or other than family, that you can talk to. It’s hard on family too.’
  • ‘Try to get out for at least 10 minutes a day and walk to the park to get some fresh air.’
  • ‘Remember to take time as a parent to look after yourself too. You can’t give everything of yourself and run yourself into the ground.’
  • ‘Ensure both parents take a break together and have a dinner or go see a movie together or something else.’
  • ‘To be able to look after your child to the best of your ability, you will need to look after yourself.’
  • ‘One hour, one day at a time. Try not to anticipate what can happen and get through the day you are in. Preempting what may happen will only make you stressed more.’

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