Vlog series by a young adult cancer survivor

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Steph is a 23-year-old outdoor education graduate living in Brisbane. In 2012, Steph told her cancer story as part of Redkite’s partnership with JimmyTeens.

Part one: Meet Steph

In this first video, Steph talks about how she decided to manage her fertility, what chemotherapy was like, how her friends and family took the news of her cancer diagnosis, and more. “I’m doing this video to help anyone out there in the same boat as me,” she says.

Part two: The halfway point

As Steph passes the halfway point in her treatment, she talks about how her attitude has changed, why she decided to reach out to a Redkite counsellor, why she eventually decided to shave her head and buy a wig, and what it’s like to visit friends and family in Victoria.

Part three: Finishing treatment

In this video, Steph talks about struggling with treatment physically and emotionally, talking things over with her counsellor, and getting out and having some fun.

“I don’t think I could have done all this without my social workers and my nurses,” she says, adding that mindfulness meditation has also helped her managed her emotions. “I wish going through chemo at the start, I’d done it, so I had ways of controlling my emotions and my thoughts.”

This video also captures Steph’s thoughts just after she finishes her treatment.

Bonus: Getting the perfect eyebrows during treatment

A step-by-step guide from Steph on how to draw on eyebrows and get the right shape

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