You Can: Connecting Young Australians Facing Cancer

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You Can Connect is an online community that connects young Australians facing cancer. This social support network is customised and tailored to your specific needs as you can search for people by age, location, hospital and cancer diagnosis.

It is also 100% user-generated and engages all who are involved in an individual’s cancer fight: the survivors, fighters, supporters and caregivers.

Whether you want to upload a video diary, write a blog post or just peruse other people’s stories – You Can’s mission is to ensure that no young person faces their cancer experience alone.


You Can was set up by Sony Foundation – a charity which has been helping young Australians for 20 years.

Head to You Can now and connect online with real people in your neighbourhood or across the world. Discover thousands of shared experiences and contribute yours to a community of collective strength. Let others fuel you with inspiration and embrace the proof that you are not alone before, during or after a cancer diagnosis.


Cancer Advisor has a range of resources for young people with cancer, but we’re always looking for more content. Leave a comment below, share your own story or recommend a resource.

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