Childhood cancer: Reflections from a sister

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In this short video from the American Cancer Society, Sophie opens up about what it’s like to be sister to a child with cancer.

Sophie’s brother was just three years old when he was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma. Although her brother survived his cancer, Sophie talks about the lasting emotional impact it has had on her. She talks about her experience as a sibling, noting that cancer had a profound impact on her formative years.

When a child or a young person is diagnosed with cancer, the enormity of this is felt throughout the family. In particular, siblings of any age feel the emotional impact of cancer and may require additional support and information. Often siblings experience disruption to school and may find themselves feeling forgotten as their parents care for their brother or sister.

“What was a very wonderful and carefree childhood became very traumatic, very quickly (…) the things to know about siblings of kids with cancer is that they are struggling to keep it together, to make sure that their parents aren’t having to worry about them, they keep a lot hidden. You may not see the effects of that during your sick child’s treatment, it might be years down the road”

– Sophie Edwards Ekstrom

Cancer Advisor has a range of resources for siblings of children with cancer, but we are always looking for more content. Please join our community to leave a comment. You can also share your personal story or recommend a resource to help other people facing cancer. 

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