Soft tissue sarcoma – factsheet by Cancer Council

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Cancer Council Victoria has developed a six-page factsheet on soft tissue sarcoma.

It covers:

  • What it is;
  • Types of soft tissue sarcoma;
  • How common it is;
  • Causes (including radiotherapy and genetic factors);
  • Symptoms;
  • Diagnosis;
  • Treatment (including surgery, amputation, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, treatment cycles and central line);
  • Side effects of treatment;
  • Making decisions about treatment;
  • Complementary and alternative treatment;
  • Questions for your doctor; and
  • Caring for someone with cancer.

Further Reading 

Personal stories by people with sarcoma:

Cancer Advisor has a range of resources and support services for soft tissue sarcoma, but we’re always looking for more content. Leave a comment below, share your own story or recommend a resource.

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