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  • Ewing’s sarcoma: Key links

    According to Cancer Council, sarcomas are bone and soft tissue tumours. Ewing’s sarcoma affects cells in the bone or soft tissue that multiply rapidly. General information  Ewing’s sarcoma – CanTeen: Overview of Ewing’s sarcoma including symptoms and treatment. Childhood soft tissue sarcoma treatment – National Cancer Institute: Detailed overview of treatment.  Podcasts  Bone tumours in children and young adults – Ewing’s sarcoma and osteosarcoma – Dr Geoff McCowage: Podcast about investigations and treatment. Bone tumours in children and young adults – Treatment of Ewing’s sarcoma ­– Dr Geoff McCowage: Podcast about investigations and treatment.  Ewing’s sarcoma stories  Ewing’s Sarcoma – […]

  • Soft tissue sarcoma

    This web page from Cancer Australia gives an overview of soft tissue sarcomas, and where they can develop. It also provides information about risk factors, symptoms, and different aspects of the cancer experience. Follow the links below to read more on each topic, or browse our other resources on soft tissue sarcomas for more information. You can also look at our phases of the cancer journey page to find information specific to diagnosis, treatment, or life after cancer. Risk factors Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Support The cells of connective tissues – such as muscles, fat, blood vessels and lining of joints […]

  • Bone tumours in children and teenagers

    Cancer Australia gives an overview of bone tumours in children and teenagers. The web page says, “Bone tumours occur when abnormal cells in the bones grow in an uncontrolled way. There are 2 main types of bone tumours in children: Osteosarcoma forms from cells called osteoblasts. It usually develops at the ends of the long bones, such as the arms or legs. Ewing sarcoma (also called Ewing family of tumours) forms from a type of stem cell in the bone marrow. It can form in the bones of the arms, legs, hands, feet, spine, skull, ribs, shoulder blades or hips. Ewing sarcomas can also […]