• What to say to your friend who has just been bereaved

    This blog post on Let’s Talk About Loss discusses what to say to your friend who has just been bereaved. The author of the blog is Beth Rowland whose mother died when she was 20. However, the practical advice in this post is also relevant for people hoping to support and communicate with a bereaved parent. Beth says, “I’ve experienced my fair share of people ‘putting their foot in it’ and saying the wrong thing, so I’m going to attempt to pass on a few pearls of wisdom about what to say – and what not to say – when the Read more [...]

  • How my best friend supported me through my cancer journey

    One key life lesson I gained from my cancer journey is the importance of having friends who will provide unwavering support. I am grateful that my best friend, Brock, never left my side. Whether it was helping me catch up on school work, accompanying me to appointments or spending time on weekends to play sports just so I could get my mind off cancer, Brock was a constant figure during a very turbulent time in my life. In my proudest blog for You Can Connect, I share the history of my friendship with Brock and how our friendship helped me Read more [...]

  • What not to say to someone with cancer

    BBC 3 has created a video of things not to say to someone with cancer including: “So is it all working down there?” “How long do you have left?” “You’re so brave” The video also gives a good insight into various people’s personal experiences with cancer, and finishes with the question, “What should you say?” Cancer Advisor has a range of resources for friends and relatives of people with cancer, but we’re always looking for more content. Leave a comment below, share your own story or recommend a resource.

  • Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Friends – Your support is invaluable

    Some parents have suggested that rather than just saying ‘If there’s anything I can do, let me know’, it’s more useful to think about what would truly be helpful and do it. Some great ideas include: cooking meals that can be frozen and bringing them to the hospital or home so a healthy meal is always available offering to spend time with the child so both parents can go out together and have a break doing laundry during hospital stays helping with home and garden upkeep while the family are away in hospital accompanying parents on clinic days as they Read more [...]

  • Advice for children with friends who have cancer

    Cancer Australia has some advice for children whose friends have been diagnosed with cancer. They say: “It can be confusing and frightening for a child to learn that children can be diagnosed with cancer too … It is important to talk to them about what is happening and help them through their feelings about their friend.” Some strategies offered are: Keep in contact with the child who has cancer. “Both children will benefit from social interaction.” You could even visit the child in hospital. Explain to your child that cancer is not contagious. Prepare your child that their will be physical changes Read more [...]