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  • Nutrition tips for children during cancer treatment

    You’re probably aware that nutrition plays a huge part in a child’s overall health and wellbeing at any stage of their lives. However, did you know that nutrition may also help your child to better tolerate their cancer treatment, fight infection and assist with their recovery? Here’s what the experts have to say about the best way to approach nutrition during a child’s cancer treatment. Also, please go easy on yourself and remember that it’s okay to be flexible and cut corners while your child is in hospital. It won’t cause any harm if you serve Weet-bix for dinner or […]

  • Understanding complementary therapies

    Understanding complementary therapies is an 88-page online booklet developed by the Cancer Council. Cancer Council (and Cancer Advisor) only support complementary therapies which have been found safe and effective in scientific studies. This booklet explores therapies such as meditation and relaxation, support groups, art therapy, music therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture and yoga. It also looks at how these therapies can be used alongside your standard treatment for cancer. Always speak with your treating team if you are planning on taking any treatment or therapies outside of your standard treatment for cancer. Have you had any experience with complementary therapies? Let us know in the comments […]

  • Trouble swallowing

    Overview of trouble swallowing as a result of cancer treatment and tips to help your child from the American Cancer Society. Always speak with your treating team about your child’s specific nutrition needs.