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  • Ovarian cancer diagnosis – Laura’s story

    Finding Cyril – The Musings of a Young Woman with Ovarian Cancer is a blog by 27-year-old Laura. Laura is a primary school teacher living in London who was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Psst … before you go If you haven’t already make sure to register. That way you can comment, give a ‘thumbs up’ to material you like, and submit your own content. Best of all, you’ll receive information tailored to your specific needs and preferences such as particular cancer type and age group. And you’ll receive regular notifications when fresh content, relevant to you, has been added. Join […]

  • Ovarian cancer – information and support

    Ovarian cancer is a disease where some of the cells in one or both ovaries start to grown abnormally and develop into cancer. The ovaries are two small organs that form part of the female reproductive system, so this type of cancer only affects women and girls. You can find more information about ovaries on this page from Ovarian Cancer Australia.  The article also offers information about the four main types of ovarian cancer: Epithelial ovarian cancer begins in the epithelium, the outer cells that cover the ovary. Borderline tumours are a group of epithelial tumours which are not as […]