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  • Studies prove lack of fertility information and support for young people

    Wiley Newsroom reports that 23 studies have found a lack of fertility information and support for young people. While many clinicians know of the risk to their patients’ fertility from cancer treatment, they are not having the appropriate discussions and referrals to provide adequate support to them. The report also mentions: “[S]ome oncology clinicians may lack appropriate fertility knowledge and be unsure whose role it is to provide fertility support.” Cancer Advisor has a range of resources on fertility, but we’re always looking for more content. Leave a comment below, share your own story or recommend a resource.

  • Fertility preservation for young men

    Some young people facing cancer will want to find information about fertility preservation. Specifically, fertility preservation for young men can include testicular biopsy and sperm extraction. You can find more information about testicular biopsy and sperm extraction for fertility preservation in this factsheet from the FUTuRE Fertility Research Team. Topics covered are: Your testicles (testes) Who will need a testicular biopsy and aspiration? Types of biopsies Before your biopsy Having the procedure Recovery Risks of testicular biopsy Results Questions to ask your medical team Further support and information You may also wish to read more about in this article on Fertility Preservation in […]

  • Fertility and cancer treatment

    Redkite have information for parents and young people about cancer treatment and how this might affect fertility. Getting information about fertility and treatment Support through awkward discussions What if treatment has already started? Cancer treatment can affect fertility and it is important to have discussions with your treatment team about what your options are. During treatment this may not seem like a priority, but decisions made early on can have long-term effects so it is important to find out about fertility as early as possible. For some families it may be uncomfortable to have discussions about sex and fertility. Unfortunately, many […]