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  • Total body irradiation

    Total body irradiation (TBI) is the term used when radiotherapy is given to the whole body. Radiotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses high energy rays, similar to x-rays. TBI may be used in conjunction with high dose chemotherapy drugs. This is often used in preparation for a stem cell or bone marrow transplant.  This fact sheet from the Paediatric Integrated Cancer Service (PICS) provides information on total body irradiation. The resource gives an overview of: What is total body irradiation? Getting ready for total body irradiation What is it like? Taking care of your child during total body […]

  • Magic string hack makes radiotherapy less frightening for children

    On The Huffington Post UK, a hospital worker called Lobke Marsden shares her magic string hack to make radiotherapy less frightening for children with cancer. Marsden is also a mum-of-three and a radiotherapy play specialist. She first posted a photo of a spool of rainbow “magic string” on Twitter where she says: “Children will be in the treatment room by themselves during radiotherapy. To help ease separation anxiety the child holds one side of the string and the parent the other side, so they’ve still got that connection. Simple but effective.” Since the article was published last year Lobke tweeted again that this […]

  • Radiotherapy side effects

    Overview of the radiotherapy treatment side effects your child might experience, from UK organisation CLIC Sargent. Please talk with your treating team if you are concerned about any of these side effects.